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Why compresSir

As a long experienced italian web agency, we have noticed that many people use heavy images on their sites; this results in slow websites and S.E.O. penalisation on search engines is concerned.
These reflections led us to realise and make available to everyone this tool, which makes it possible to reduce the weight of an image by up to 60% and more.
Without losing quality!

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Reduce your image up to 60% and more!

Here is how it works. Take a look... it's very simple to use!
  • Upload

    Upload the image you want to be compressed with high quality.


    Upload your image and automatically get compressed one. With no quality reduction.

  • Download

    Your compressed, high quality image is available to be saved on your device.
    Here some examples:

    JPG 1.02 Mb = compressed 65.8 Kb (Approx. 94%) PNG 1.12 Mb = compressed 286.8 Kb (Approx. 75%) JPG 7.51 Mb. = compressed 530.2 Kb (Approx. 93%) JPEG 1.56 Mb = compressed 106.2 Kb (Approx. 93%) SVG 714 Kb = compressed 476.5 Kb (Approx. 34%)

    Once finished, you can download and save your new lightweight image.

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